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31 March 2020

Sadly we're all currently experiencing an uncertain time whereby thousands of people are fighting for their lives due to the coronavirus pandemic. 🌍

As a result, many businesses and organisations have stepped forward to help fight the virus, including the likes of sportswear giants Nike and New Balance donating millions to support global communities. 

Recognising the shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), brands such as Under Armour have assembled face masks, face shields and gowns to distribute to those at the frontline working incredibly hard.

Activewear brand Elissa & Stef are kindly giving away free leggings to NHS health-care workers for their efforts in keeping the country safe. 

In short, the solidarity is beautiful. 💙

American Rapper Future Hendrix really meant it when he titled his song 'March Madness' and honestly, if I could "dress it up and go to NASA" - I really would. 

Scroll for a look at what brands are doing and #StaySafe 🏡






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13 March 2020

Mattel recently unveiled a crop of female sports stars that have been made into barbie dolls and honestly, I'm sold. By carefully selecting some of the world's top female athletes, their aim is simple: to encourage and empower girls

As part of the brands 'Shero' campaign which rolled out just before International Women's Day this month, the likes of Britain's fastest woman Dina Asher-Smith and French football star Amandine Henry were gifted with one-of-a-kind dolls to celebrate their achievements. ⚽💥

Made in their exact likeness, the dolls feature tiny accessories and sports kit 🎽 that are absolutely relevant to each athlete. Although these dolls are not commercially available to cop, the significance of it is loud and clear. 📢

Women deserve to be celebrated. 🥇

Scroll to see the one-of-a-kind dolls. 👀😍

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4 March 2020

The tragic death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant along with his daughter Gianna 'Gigi' Bryant and seven other victims of the helicopter crash - sent shockwaves around the world on January 26th. RIP. 💛💜

The beauty of sport is that its transcending, many people from all walks of life young, old, sports enthusiasts or not - all mourned the loss of a legend. Beautiful tribute murals have since been painted across the world, from Los Angeles, USA to Khammam, India and creatively, nail technicians have crafted designs to honour his legacy.

Many of the designs include Kobe's jersey numbers '24' and '8', the yellow and purple of Lakers, a number '2' for Mambacita Gigi - all in various nail shapes such as pointy, coffin, rounded or squared. 💅😍

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21 February 2020

It's been just over a month since the eagerly anticipated Ivy Park X Adidas release hit the shelves - after a period of teasers which included the beaded 'Ivy Park' braids and the iconic grillz. 👄

Since then, the global response from the collection has been incredibly LOUD 🔊,  particularly on social media from the likes of Stormzy to Kim Kardashian promoting their care package sent by the CEO Queen B. (Still waiting patiently for mine).  🕓

The versatility of the sold-out collection ticks all the athleisure-wear boxes, and we love to see it! The collection includes a range of pieces such as matching crop tops and leggings, jumpsuits and dresses in a distinct maroon and orange colour-way. 

Beyonce has certainly spoilt us with a selection of gender-neutral clothing pieces that can be worn anywhere and by anyone. We're already anticipating the next drop from Ivy Park and Adidas, wbu?💁

Scroll for looks.  👀👀

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4 January 2020

When news broke out last year that Puma was collaborating with Balmain, I wasted no time to see the excellence of their project. The prospect of Balmain - an elite luxury fashion house teaming up with Puma was one that definitely tickled my fancy.

Olivier Rouseting, Balmain’s creative director teamed up with Puma Ambassador Cara Delevigne to create two limited-edition capsules. The combined forces of Olivier and Cara sparked a collection that fused traditional boxing gear with Parisian couture. 🥊

The 35 piece collection includes a range of sports bra's, boxing shorts, bomber jackets, and trainers, incorporating a palette of mostly red, blue and gold colours to add to the lavish look. Of course, by simply judging the array of sequins detailed in some of these pieces, it is no secret that it was made for those with an expensive taste. 🤑🤑🤑

The message behind the collaboration? To fight the good fight.

Certainly in my life, I’ve been faced with situations where I’ve had to work tirelessly to try to make good choices in order to help others.

Though what can stop people from fighting the good fight is fear.

We live in a time where everyone’s chatter is so loud, on social media and IRL - you absolutely cannot be voiceless. If you haven’t already found your voice, make it a goal to mute everyone else’s and once you have found it, own it. 

Through your work and everything you do keep fighting until you can say, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4-7. 

What are you fighting for in 2020? 👀

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5 December 2019

‘Veganism’ and ‘Plant-Based’, aren’t words that we typically associate with creps though Adidas and Reebok’s most recent releases suggest that maybe we should? 

In championing conscious fashion, Adidas re-imagined their original Stan Smiths while Reebok created high performance shoes that represent those exact principles, embracing the many ways of vegan living that stretch beyond diet.

  • By definition, Veganism stands for, "A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude- as far as is possible and practicable- all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment." - The Vegan Society

à la carte 🍏

Adidas teamed up with Stella McCartney for the second time to reinvent the iconic Stan Smiths making them entirely vegan. The trainers are constructed with materials such as synthetic leather and an animal-free alternative glue which replaced the usual glue. 

The Adidas x Stella McCartney Stan Smiths look identical to the original pair, though this version features multi-coloured laces and tiny punched out stars in rainbow shades down the side rather than the usual 3 stripes. Downside? It’s pricey. $$$$

Additionally, Reebok released it’s first ever plant-based performance shoes, 'Forever Floatride GROW', made out of castor bean oil, eucalyptus tree, algae, and natural rubber. 

Reebok were able to achieve their sustainability goals by using natural materials to create the trainers without compromising on its high performance standard.

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