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25 March 2019

Tommy Hilfiger recently launched their debut sportswear line, Tommy Sport, making them the latest stellar brand to join the athleisure wear party. 🔥

Described as “performance tech in high style, ready for daily life”, the spring 2019 Tommy Sport collection has all the staple classics we were expecting. This range includes the elite blue, white and red of the brand, accentuated logo’s, joggers, leggings and hybrid sandals.

Tommy Hilfiger, known for it’s popularity in the 90’s with high profile hip-hop icons such as Aaliyah; continues to extend it’s well-established market. Most recently, Tommy Hilfiger teamed up with Zendaya to create a retro-inspired capsule which was showcased in Paris. 

Scroll for a 👀 of Tommy Sport looks.

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7 March 2019

In case you missed it, a newly formed size inclusive fitness collective was created by three incredible women, Sophia, Vivian and Rebecca 👧. ‘Curves in Motion’ celebrates and embraces body types that aren’t typically presented in sportswear fashion and fitness.

With a recent Nike campaign displayed all over Niketown (and Instagram), the Curves in Motion founders are the face of it, representing girls who may feel excluded from the world of fitness and sports fashion.

Representation is vital and having plus sized women, promoting sportswear and sharing their fitness routines is the kind of game-changing moves we hope will have a global impact in the foreseeable future. 🏋

Follow them (@curvesinmo) for fitness, fupas and fashion.

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27 February 2019

Early this February, PUMA and Maybelline launched their collaborative line of- you guessed it, high performance make-up. The 12 piece collection includes products such as matte lipsticks, metallic highlighters and long lasting mascara. 💄

The need to develop athleisure make-up is a fascinating exploration as for any active woman (or maybe just me), having your highlighter or eyeshadow intact is the least of our problems. Understandably, this popular trend of gym inspired make-up is here to stay (and slay) as it caters to the active women of generation Z to match their work hard and play harder lifestyle of gym and work or vice-versa. 👧🏋

This collection is a tasty glimpse of when beauty, fashion and an active lifestyle combine.

Available on

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22 February 2019

Hidden gems are in places you don’t typically pree, so in terms of activewear, we’re doing the searching for you. One place that we’re eagerly anticipating a new activewear drop from is House of Celeb Boutique. 💎

House of CB, founded by boss babe Conna Walker 👑 popularly known for it’s figure-hugging party dresses and impressive quality, dropped their most recent gym collection early last year and since, this line has been ghosted on. Their ‘workout wear’ range includes some extremely flattering pieces such as the pastel neon orange coloured crop and leggings.

Conna Walker, who was recently spotlighted in Forbes 30 under 30 for the impressive empire she has built with House of CB. Designed in-house by women for women, Conna started the business aged 17 and continues to maintain its success by understanding what her market wants, as she describes herself as a representation of the target audience. 👠

The thirst for some new activewear pieces from House of CB is too real and we can definitely see it happening in the foreseeable future, but for now, a girl can dream.🍹

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14 February 2019

Ladies, we’ve curated a short list of podcasts that deserve to be heard and subscribed to this year. A simple browse on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Soundcloud will flood you with options of podcasts, each with their own unique stance in the realm of audio broadcasting but we’ve made it easier for you by enlisting three of our top favourite podcasts for good sports chat, created by women. 👩


8 February 2019

Words by Sarah Vungbo.  

So recently, I’ve been on this fitness journey. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a ‘diet’ or a get-slim-quick fad, because quite frankly they don’t work. I find them tedious, short-lived and restrictive. Let’s just say, I’ve decided to make a conscious decision in regards to what I choose to put in my mouth throughout the day, and make healthy lifestyle changes for physical and mental strength and clarity. 

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