8 February 2019

Words by Sarah Vungbo.  

So recently, I’ve been on this fitness journey. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a ‘diet’ or a get-slim-quick fad, because quite frankly they don’t work. I find them tedious, short-lived and restrictive. Let’s just say, I’ve decided to make a conscious decision in regards to what I choose to put in my mouth throughout the day, and make healthy lifestyle changes for physical and mental strength and clarity. 

Part of this lifestyle change includes working out. However, we all know going to the gym every day can become monotonous and feel like your killing your body for no good reason, especially if you don’t have the tenacity, to begin with.  I knew I needed a break from my usual ratio of work: gym even if it was once a week. But I didn’t want to miss out on a gym day because I was afraid I would allow the common- ‘I’m too tired from work’ excuses to pile up and throw me off my routine.  I wanted to immerse myself into a project or activity that would allow me to be productive, take a break from my usual workouts and have fun…all whilst still breaking a sweat.  That’s when my friend suggested coming to a SOCA workout with her. 💃

Now I’m all for dance…just in the privacy of my room. When she asked me to go I agreed because I knew doing most things with her were fun, but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

The class was held in Hoxton and cost £2 which was great, it was an hour long and consisted of HIIT, Core strength and Dance 👌. It was held at a Youth Centre and was welcoming of all demographics. I was appreciative that the class felt like a safe space where all individuals were made to feel comfortable working out. Regardless of their level of fitness or age. It was also a bonus that the instructor was so friendly; more like a fitness fanatic friend than an actual trainer. She took her time to make sure everyone was comfortable and confident doing all the workouts. She pushed people to continue whilst going at a pace that would make them confident that they could not only finish but do so feeling proud of themselves.  It’s also a plus that my whining is getting better and better. 😜

I believe fitness begins with the mental before the physical. You must train your brain to program the reasons you want this to work before you train your body to follow the objectives programmed in your mind (like The Mind-Muscle connection you could say). If you want to get into fitness, I’d say do it, it’s never too late to start but go at your own pace. Start with something you enjoy like Yoga, Running or Dance and then slowly work your way into all the training that will give you those gains. 

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