9 November 2018

Adidas teamed up with Very early this month to launch their latest Statement Collection, a capsule collection curated for women. 😍 The campaign- fronted by Dua Lipa, Karlie Kloss, Shay Mitchell, Hannah Bronfman and Gardine Muguruza took it's inspiration from the versatility of their lifestyles, their different approaches to training thus, creating performance wear to match it.
The visibility of this campaign, with it being plastered all over social media made us feel compelled to write a feature. Maybe it was sign that this was made to be on IMJ? Or just very good marketing.

Built around three sports bras, Adidas pushes it's #threewaystocreate agenda by introducing the All Me Bra, Don't Rest Bra and the Stronger For It Bra. To summarise (real quick), the All Me Bra is more supportive for smaller cup sizes, whilst the Don't Rest and Stronger For It Bra limits bounce and provides mid to high-level support for larger cup sizes respectively. 👌

Scroll for a 👀 of some hotter than hell looks from all these international babes!

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