16 June 2018

Some years ago, the thought of women establishing themselves as world-class, professional fighters in the UFC’s Octagon was unimaginable. Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey did that.

Unmatched in her fight record, style and her perpetual mean mug; Ronda took a jab at the glass ceiling and shattered it to pieces, cementing her place in the UFC’s Hall of Famers. For the first time, UFC saw a dominate female figure in the sport making absolute money moves, headlining pay-per-view fights and becoming the first woman to win the Bantamweight belt. 

Ronda built a phenomenal profile for herself, pioneered women’s UFC fighting and drew in a wave of audience who perhaps once thought that the UFC was exclusively male. INMYJERSEY celebrates the merits of badass sportswomen (see here) and the powerhouse that is Ronda being inducted into the UFC's Hall of Fame (July 5th).

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