21 January 2018

The proliferation of women's sports bra's soon after Lisa Lindahl's 'Jockbra', is one that has quickly yet finely evolved over time and will always remain an absolute necessity.

A simple browse through most retailers, Pinterest or a stalk on Instagram's explore page will show that we ladies are spoilt with choice on what sports bra to wear to a yoga or pilates class; whilst still offering comfort and a 'cute' finish.

Back in the days, this was not the luxury as active females had to suffice with regular bra's that were unsupportive and uncomfortable; a barrier that many women felt heavily affected their participation in physical activity.

The Jockbra (which took its name from the design of the jockstraps sewn together) provided cross back straps that never fell off the shoulders and held breasts firmly into place. 

Since then, many retailers have produced sports bras catering to the female body, our cup sizes and the type of physical activity, with the aim of providing complete comfort and minimal bounce. But the reality is, most people including myself, have not yet found that perfect sports bra.

The new Nike Motion Adapt Bra- the latest in its Spring 2018 sports bra collection offers an adaptive technology which allows the bra to conform to your shape and lock out when it senses intense movement. 

A single sports bra that is able to cope with the demands of high or low intensity training, supporting an athletes needs and comfort.

The Nike Motion Adapt Bra is designed in a way that is relevant for ANY activity and all women- a much improved 'personal best' since the Jockbra. 

I'm still yet to try it though!

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  1. You write so well, you’ve made me want to buy it !!!
    Great post,
    Keep it up sis x


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