22 October 2017

If I’m honest, this post was triggered by a tweet I composed Friday night at around 2AM. 

Stamina or Endurance- whichever you run with, is such an important skill to have in my opinion. 

Physically, it allows you to ride out difficult and unpleasant sitautions. 
Competitively, you can quite literally go the extra mile by pushing your boundaries, despite fatigue.
And mentally, you can stay focused and determined, even when faced with obstacles.

My tweet specifically mentions ‘mental stamina’ because, “where the mind goes, the body will follow.” For me, this quote nicely captures the power of our mind in dictating our actions and the way we approach certain situations. 

Times are tough out here, so as well as working on the physical- keeping fit and happy, I’m also praying for that mental stamina.

It makes a difference.

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