Isn't this shot of Naomi just so... lit? 

There's so many things I like about sports editorials; from the fashion pieces to the choice of scenery, I fall in love every time.

Many showcase a range of sports pieces that differ in its shape and silhouette, which makes it unique as you never really know what to expect.

It's also so interesting to see how movement is depicted in these shots, particularly because movement is equally as important in modelling than it is in sport.
Though, one thing I can't stand to see is bad technique made to look 'good'.

Other than that though, it's pretty lit.

Here's a quick browse (with a side of banter):

* The way the shadow of the netting falls perfectly on her face, it's so beautiful. 

* A stunning model, a stunning shot. But it'd be impossible to 'pitch' this dress to me.

* "NFL practice in the AM and prosecco with the girls in the PM." 

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos. 

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