PUMA's women campaign 'DO YOU' features a pack of strong and crazy talented women delivering a message that encourages us to be ourselves.
Launched during the tail-end of 2016, this campaign vocalizes a message that we ladies should be reminded of every now and again- not just seasonally.

Do You.

So I propose this question to you, are you the woman of YOUR dreams?

Without hesitation, I can say that I'm not- but I'm constantly working on it.

For me, that means holding back less and celebrating myself more.
Spending more time trying to find myself, building myself and being true to myself.

Never ever undermine your beauty. Never downplay your talent or your worth. 

You are enough. Do you.

And lastly, don't ever let a man or a gal tell you how to execute your life. Just be yourself.

I hope we all get to a stage where we can confidently say to ourselves, "I am the woman of MY dreams."

Do you.

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