23 December 2016

This post is going to be purely text because I've got some explaining to do. 
Are you readyyyy?

It's approaching a year since I created this blog, (precisely 1 years old on New Years Day) and within the year, it has been through so many changes.

Post by post, the style of my writing has changed, as too the layout of my blog, the quality of my blog posts, and finally, my domain (was KlosetKel, now InMyJersey).

Being 'KlosetKel' meant that I was limited. It only really made sense for me to write about clothes (as my name insisted), and guilt was felt when I wrote about something that wasn't related. lol.

Instead, I wanted something that was a little ambiguous, something that would make people want to have a peep around and something that truly captured the essence of this space.

Jersey noun (Clothing)

A shirt that is worn by a member of a sports team.

The name 'In My Jersey' came about after asking myself what it feels like to put on a Jersey. 

Ask any fan or athlete be it, a footballer or a basketball player how it feels to put on their jersey and their response would include the words: honour, pride or confidence. 

"It's more than just a piece of uniform."

As well as being able to fuse Sport and Fashion, for me, ‘In My Jersey’ represents pride and confidence in whatever you wear and whatever you do.

So expect more content on Fashion, Sport, a combination of the two, Sporting Events, Influences and some tips.

This isn’t a space dedicated to sportsmen and sportswomen.

This is for everyone.

And on that note, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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