Clothed In Deceit

13 January 2016

Today’s post comes in the form of a poem because, why not?
Versatility is everything(!) and I love that I can be creative with my blog posts.

It's a bit of a random one but I’ve fallen in love with English Literature once again (after taking a short break from studying Psychology).

Elegance was her sentiment,
As she graced the Earth with her etiquette,
Not once was her false disguise made evident,
Being a specialist at her craft, a CEO and a president.
Her tongue, sweet.
Her soul, sour.
Her execution was excellent.

She was somewhat classy and somewhat gangster.

Alternating between her very own version of Jekyll and Hyde,
Duplicity was her finest game.
Though in the midst of it all,
Her paraphernalia remained the same.
In her right hand, a bold red lipstick; she was drop dead gorgeous by the way.
In her left hand, a firearm, which was “drop dead” in its gauge, so to say.

She was ambidextrous.

Weeks later, a new target and she continued to throw shade.
Perpetuating this cycle that she nevertheless slayed.
Realising the games that she had so often calculatedly played,
Tall she stood, accomplished.
Having mastered the Art of the masquerade.

Written by Kelly Mavididi.

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