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30 June 2016

If you were to ask me what my favourite thing to collect is, cute socks would definitely rank highly amongst my long list.

From stripey to fuzzy, cotton to silk, or even compression socks, there are so many different kinds that I wear to creatively express my style or mood.


Any pair that screams masculinity with contrasting flirty feminine mesh is what would usually be found on my feet.

& with Autumn and Winter not too far away, that extra bit of warmth and comfort is seriously needed.

eBay - Stripey Socks
eBay - Men's Novelty Dollar Socks

eBay - Men's Novelty Grenade/Gun Socks
ASOS - Sheer Glitter Heart Socks

What are your favourite things to collect?

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9 June 2016

Comfortable enough to be worn in the gym and casual enough to be found lounging around in, I’d suggest that a sweater and leggings combo is a necessity.

Whether you're anything like me who fancies pairing it with some street style kicks or rather, running shoes, the possibilities are endless!

I should’ve probably got some real close-up shots but I’ll save that for another post.

HOODIE - NIKE Advanced Techpack Hoodie Women
KICKS - NIKE Airmax 93 
(Triple Black)

"Kelly shoots an erratic three pointer that banks in off the backboard." 
"And the crowd goes wilddddd." 
SIKE, that didn't happen.

What's in my gym/track bag?

11 February 2016

This post was inspired by the 400m ‘diva’, Natasha Hastings.
These are just a few things that you'd typically find in my gym/track bag. I'm no expert.

Clothed In Deceit

13 January 2016

Today’s post comes in the form of a poem because, why not?
Versatility is everything(!) and I love that I can be creative with my blog posts.

It's a bit of a random one but I’ve fallen in love with English Literature once again (after taking a short break from studying Psychology).

Elegance was her sentiment,
As she graced the Earth with her etiquette,
Not once was her false disguise made evident,
Being a specialist at her craft, a CEO and a president.
Her tongue, sweet.
Her soul, sour.
Her execution was excellent.

She was somewhat classy and somewhat gangster.

Alternating between her very own version of Jekyll and Hyde,
Duplicity was her finest game.
Though in the midst of it all,
Her paraphernalia remained the same.
In her right hand, a bold red lipstick; she was drop dead gorgeous by the way.
In her left hand, a firearm, which was “drop dead” in its gauge, so to say.

She was ambidextrous.

Weeks later, a new target and she continued to throw shade.
Perpetuating this cycle that she nevertheless slayed.
Realising the games that she had so often calculatedly played,
Tall she stood, accomplished.
Having mastered the Art of the masquerade.

Written by Kelly Mavididi.

Execute In Style

3 January 2016

The weather had me feeling like it was July as I went for my first morning run (in style!) of the New Year 2016. Whilst completing my run, I had a few things on my mind and words of encouragement that I thought I'd share with you all.

Before I get into it...

Today's outfit consisted of: a Nike leopard print sports bra in pink styled with black Nike Pro shorts and a pair of black Adidas three-quarter lengths to add a bit of layer. On my feet I have on, white Nike socks and fluorescent pink Nike Pegasus 31 running trainers.

Recently on twitter, I came across a small debate on how people should not wear a mixture of Nike and Adidas sportswear.
Unless if you're sponsored, I personally do not see an issue with mixing and matching the two sports brands, as I did today.
I mean, at the end of the day, you're gonna sweat in it right?
As long as you intend to work out and you look good in it too, then you're doing it right!
Execute in style and do you!!

Back to the matter!

We all know how refreshing it is to begin a New Year.
Reflecting back on the highs and the lows of the previous year and putting into perspective all of our new and old goals (that are still yet to be achieved), by deciding how we're going to go about achieving them!

For me, this year is all about execution.
I'm sure at one point in our lives, we've all said to ourselves,

"I had the potential to chase my dreams but..."
"I had the potential to get a high grade but..."
"I had the potential to pass my driving lesson first time but..."

This 'potential' talk is one thing I'm definitely leaving behind in 2015. Instead, my focus will be on execution, in generally everything I do.

Getting things done.
Excellence will inevitably follow, IF you're consistently making plans and executing!

Just a small word of encouragement, I hope it helps to motivate someone out there in some way.
Have a lovely day guys, stay passionate and stay hungry!

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NIKE Pro Fierce Venom Sports Bra Vivid Pink - £27.99 | JD SPORTS Nike Pro Shorts Black - £20.00 | SPORTS DIRECT Adidas ClimaLite Three Quarter Tights - £17.99 | SPORTS DIRECT Nike Half Cushion Mens Socks (3 Pack) - £6.99 | FOOTLOCKER Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Pink - £44.99

Photo Credit: Pauline Mavididi

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